Color:         Tri-Color

Height:      11.75 inches

Weight:      13 pounds

Dam:   Sparkling Lilly of Native Prairie Cotons (Tri-Color)

​Sire:  Christian Angel of Crabapple Crossing Cotons (Black & White)

mCTCA#  2608

Color:         Tri-Color

Height:       10.5 inches

Weight:      10.4 pounds

Dam:   Twinkle of My Eye of Native Prairie Cotons (Tri-Color)

​Sire:  Chocolate Chip of Creme de la Creme Cotons (Tri-Color)

mCTCA#  3628

Color:         Black & White 

Height:       11 inches

Weight:      12 pounds

Dam:   Sparkling Lilly of Native Prairie Cotons (Tri-Color)

​Sire:  Christian Angel of Crabapple Crossing Cotons (Black & White)

mCTCA#  3112

Windy Ridge Cotons

Color:         Tri-Color

Height:       12.25 inches

Weight:      13 pounds

Dam:  Cupcake of Crabapple Crossing South (Tri-Color)

Sire:   Codi de Coton et de l'amour of Creme de la Creme Cotons (White)

mCTCA#  1955

Our Cotons

Color:          Tri-Color

Height:       9.5 inches

Weight       9.8 pounds

Dam:         Daphne of Windy Ridge Cotons   

                     (Black & White)

Sire:           Sebastian of Magicland Cotons


​mCTCA#  4406

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Sparkling Lilly of  Native Prairie Cotons​


    Countess Gidget of Windy Ridge Cotons


Lady Tootsie of Windy Ridge Cotons


Princess Nala of Windy Ridge Cotons


Duchess Melo of Crabapple Crossing Cotons